Russian Film Group Corporation (RFG Corp)

one of the most dynamic developing players in the film industry today.
Main types of activities of the company are production and promotion of films and documentaries, providing a full range of services in  production and post-production and also the creation of computer graphics and special effects.

The priority directions of development of RFG Corp

The development of an effective business mechanism for the implementation of high-budget films of domestic production and establishing of long-term partnerships with representatives of the world film industry for the purpose of promotion of Russian talents abroad.

Department of experimental projects (DEP)

Its mission is to find and promote talented actors, directors, producers and other creative professionals, as well as to create and develop new film production technologies.

«The Nika Award (2016)»

the main annual Russian national film award the Nika. Irina Kupchenko took the award as Best Actress for the main role in «Teacher»

«The most profitable Russian film »

Blockbuster Awards 2014; for the most pro table Russian film «Viy 3D»

«Producer of the Year»

ХVIII Professional Award in the film industry Blockbuster Awards 2014 “Producer of the Year” - producer Alexey A. Petrukhin for the film «Viy» 3D



5月23日,“湖北新闻出版广电媒体周”的启动仪式在“今日俄罗斯”电视 台国际信息中心媒体大厅举办。


《中国游记.铁面人之谜》: A级明星出演什么角色?

电影《中国游记.铁面人之谜》的创作者发布:该影片阵容因两位著名演员加入而增强。 目前本片在中国拍摄。影片制片人阿列克谢·彼得鲁辛说,“FETISOFF ILLUSION”制片公司的总制片人格列布·斐迪索夫同俄罗斯电影集团和由谢尔盖·谢里扬诺夫领导的CTB电影公司汇合在一起。 “我们的团队不仅在团队制片部分,而且在演员阵容上更为强大,这对观众来说更为重要,-阿列克谢·彼得鲁辛表示。-现在,我们已经可以正式声明,由于我们的新合作伙伴格列布·斐迪索夫的支持,影片《中国游记.铁面人之谜》的演员阵容因两位超级演员加入而更加强大。许多媒体早有传闻,该片主要角色之一由成龙担任。我们真是从拍摄初期就开始与成家班合作,成家班负责设计成龙参与的电影中所有的特技和动作戏,他是我们影片中不可或缺的元素。他的中国拍摄部分已杀青,至于他的对手戏演员阿诺德·施瓦辛格在俄罗斯已是家喻户晓!” 本片的导演奥列格·斯特普琴科相信,该影片不仅仅呈现给观众精彩的画面,更能表现影片本身的重要意义。奥列格·斯特普琴科说“无论谁负责电影制作-美国人、中国人或俄罗斯人-演员总是倾向选择更有意义的片子。-您看,虽然极少俄罗斯电影能如此严谨选择演员,但我们不能只提供给观众影片中漂亮画面和字幕里响亮的名字。我非常希望,不仅俄罗斯观众而且其他国家观众都能欣赏这个中俄美阵容组合”。 在电影《中国游记.铁面人之谜》中阿诺德·施瓦辛格扮演一个令观众耳目一新的角色。在拍摄期间,施瓦辛格坦言他在影片中想饰演不同的角色,但导演们没有这样的要求,所以,在这部影片里他能够展现给观众戏剧性最强的角色!

An English traveler Jonathan Green receives an order from Peter the Great to map the Russian Far East. And once again he sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will eventually lead him to China!
The mystery of inhabitants of the isolated village should stay in these woods forever…
Трагедия «Норд-Оста» жива в памяти – и не только тех, кто был внутри захваченного террористами здания, но и всех, кто с волнением и болью тогда приникал к экранам телевизоров, ожидая новостей.
The action takes place on the Earth in the distant future. After global heating our planet has become deserted and has been declared a reservation. Two friends, Al and Max, go fishing without knowing how lucky they are: they catch a suitcase with a Heap of Money.
Октябрь сорок первого года. Многотысячное немецкое войско наступает на Калинин (ныне Тверь), чтобы, захватив его, открыть себе прямой путь на Москву. На защите города всего две тысячи человек без танков и артиллерии.
Прощаться не будем
Don’t be in doubts about those who you love – your doubts may come true. Two people of different ages are going on holiday. He is older and that’s why appreciates her youth and naivety.
Two experienced policemen investigate the case of a triple murder in the theatre. One of the four actors that happened to be in the one dressing room, survived. Several characters of the tragedy are suspected, including the famous actress, staying in a mental health clinic for compulsory treatment.
fascinating fights inside the “octagon” ceased to be a bloody medley long time ago and by now they have turned into duels between real men. In this film you will see the best matches between Russian and American super heavyweight fighters, which took place at the WAFC World Cup Pankration – Russia versus the USA.
Alena Mareeva

Head of the Industry Relations Department

达利亚 Daria Savina

公共关系部 总监 Head of PR department

叶戈尔 Egor Puzanov

后期制作总监 Post Production Producer

玛丽娅 Mariya Zaikovskaya

VFX总监 VFX producer

Aleksandr Semerikov


Aleksandr Serzhantov

Trailer Maker